Đặng Thị Huệ (Uni)

Female, 1992

“A great HRM is a strategic thinker, a creative problem solver, and a relationship builder.”

Strategic HRM | HRBP Manager | Talent Acquisition Manager | Employer Branding Manager



Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam


Social media is a key communication channel in employer branding. It allows me to reach a diverse audience of potential candidates and easily communicate my recruitment messages.

In fact, I started building and developing these social channels with a very limited budget (and insignificant). All the results in terms of social numbers and indicators are thanks to the team of EB members who have been constantly creating content in terms of both quality and quantity, both time and passion for their spiritual products. I also measure the effectiveness of social activities by tracking metrics such as engagement, follower count, reach, tracking link, number of resumes per day/week/month, etc.

I propose a number of principles and fanpage management plans, including:

  • Creating a variety of content that is relevant to the target audience: These contents are designed to attract the attention and interaction of candidates, including topics such as company stories, corporate culture, career opportunities, etc.
  • Allocating golden hours: Contents are posted at times when candidates are most likely to engage.
  • Seeding: Create posts to attract the attention of users and lead them to recruitment posts.
  • Increasing interaction by replying to comments/inbox: Respond to candidates' questions and feedback in a thoughtful and enthusiastic manner.
  • Focusing on the candidate experience: Ensure that candidates have a good experience when interacting with the fanpage.

In addition, I also pay great attention to the aesthetics of social media pages through ensuring that the design images are beautiful, new, and ensure the brand color. In particular, I have developed the recruitment livestreaming segment since 2017, which has brought great interaction with contents of interest about counseling, career guidance, answering questions, career talks, etc.

Moreover, in some key recruitment phases, I have allocated a small amount of budget for running Facebook ads (usually up to $300 per project). This also helps to increase reach and interaction with fanpages, and to generate corresponding resumes.

Here are some specific results of social activities:


Trang/Nhóm Số lượng theo dõi Số lần tiếp cận Số lượt tương tác Số bài đăng/tháng
Tuyển Dụng Thế Giới Di Động lên đến 476.000 lên đến 9.2 triệu lên đến 1 triệu 80 - 120
Tuyển Dụng Bách Hoá Xanh lên đến 363.000 lên đến 5.3 triệu lên đến 1.1 triệu 80 - 120
Tuyển Dụng Nhà Thuốc An Khang lên đến 30.000 - - -
Tuyển Dụng Dịch vụ Tận Tâm lên đến 7.000 - - -
Group MWG việc gì cũng có lên đến 25.000 - - -


  • TikTok Việc làm TGDĐ: 17,500 followers, 229,500 likes, 100 videos
  • TikTok Tuyển dụng Bách Hoá xanh: 8,158 followers, 44,700 likes, 50 videos




  • 3 main pages with a total of 20,000 followers


  • 1 main channel with over 100 recruitment videos


  • 1 main channel with nearly 6,000 followers

Social media activities have played an important role in the development of MWG's employer brand.
Thanks to the creativity, innovation, and continuous effort of the EB team, we have achieved impressive results in social indicators, contributing to attracting and recruiting talented individuals to the company.