Đặng Thị Huệ (Uni)

Female, 1992

“A great HRM is a strategic thinker, a creative problem solver, and a relationship builder.”

Strategic HRM | HRBP Manager | Talent Acquisition Manager | Employer Branding Manager



Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam

University Partnership and HR programs

1. University Partnership

One of the effective Recruitment Marketing strategies I evaluate is building close relationships with universities to access young talent while they are still students, at a stage when they are exploring future career opportunities. Through this approach, we organize various activities to enhance the company's brand recognition (Awareness), attract the attention of students to the company's work environment and culture (Interest), and thereby provide them with options to apply for positions in the company upon graduation (Consideration).

In reality, I have maintained and expanded a network of connections with over 100 colleges, and universities nationwide. Depending on the candidate segments of each chain, I choose to connect with relevant educational institutions.

In particular, I have had extensive experience in the role of Recruitment Brand Manager for the pharmacy retail chain Nhathuocankhang.com. Unlike other business types, the pharmaceutical and healthcare job market requires close engagement with students studying disciplines such as Pharmacy, Medicine, and Pharmaceutical Engineering. That's why I have connected with most universities that offer Pharmacy programs, turning An Khang Pharmacy into a strategic partner in providing practical learning opportunities, internships, and employment for Pharmacy graduates.

Activities implemented through university connections include comprehensive cooperation agreements, student exchanges, career counseling seminars, skill training, selecting high-ranking or highly specialized representatives to participate as guest lecturers in classes for students. Among them, I also carry out recruitment ambassador programs by gathering a group of students with good academic achievements or those who participate in many extracurricular activities to share recruitment information or company events with other students at the university.

Additionally, I regularly organize company tours or useful internship programs for students. These activities help build the image of a professional workplace and provide students with career development opportunities.

2. HR Programs and Events

As part of our annual talent acquisition strategies, I have also organized and implemented numerous programs and media events to attract the interest of candidates to the company's brand and employment opportunities. The majority of these programs have achieved unexpected success due to well-prepared plans, extensive communication, and a focus on candidate experience.

In addition to recruitment programs, there are key activities focused on internal employees, including programs for new employee experiences, promotion programs, competency assessments, 360-degree surveys, and recognition of top-performing managers.

These experiences truly add value and contribute not only to the effectiveness of the company's human resources strategies but also to my diverse experience in the HR profession.

Below are some interesting programs that my team and I have successfully implemented over the years:

  • Management Trainee Programs
  • MWG Fresher Program, IT Fresher Program
  • Start-up Program with Bach Hoa Xanh and An Khang Pharmacy
  • MWG Comeback Program (A day for former employees to return)
  • Interview day Program
  • Recruitment Brand Ambassador Program
  • Lô Tô Show: A live interactive program in supermarkets combining lottery games, singing and dancing, and job counseling for local residents.
  • Events in collaboration with local authorities and job introduction centers.